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Heather Anne Lomax

"One of the most expressive vocalists around, she combines the sweet folky purity of Joan Baez with the rocking soul of Janis Joplin with hints of Patsy Cline and Linda Ronstadt"-American Songwriter

Heather is the recipient of Robert Oermann’s prestigious Music Row’s Nashville “Discovery Award.”

“One of  LA’s Top 10 Americana Artists”-Turnstyle Junkpiled.


My next record is particularly inspired by the voice, life, and recordings of Elvis Presley: especially the Sun sessions and the American Sound Studios recordings (From Elvis in Memphis). The Sun Sessions are like a jolt of raw electricity-there is just a feeling that you are present in those live sessions. 

The American Sound Studios sessions are a broad tapestry of sounds and styles of music that serve as a rich landscape for that award-winning record. 

There is a “feel” and “vibe” of recording a band live that I was looking to capture, and I believe this record captured that warmth, intimacy, and passion mined from those recordings from the “good ol’ days” of music. 

One of the Top 10 L.A. Americana albums.”

— Turnstyled Junkpiled

The trend in today’s column is female singer-songwriters on self-made, indie discs…But it’s Michael-Ann who waltzes off with this weeks DisCovery Award.”

— Robert Oermann, Music Row Magazine in Nashville

"One of the most expressive vocalists around, she combines the sweet folk purity of Joan Baez with the rocking soul of Janis Joplin with hints of Patsy Cline and Linda Ronstadt.”

— Paul Zollo, American Songwriter

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