The challenge of writing about what makes Heather Anne Lomax’s All This Time so good is that her recipe is so simple. She has a huge voice, great songs, and unadorned production. But there’s nothing basic about this beautiful album which is built upon perfect performances that don’t waste a note, while also making you feel almost completely overwhelmed by the majesty of the songs.  Lomax, previously known as Michael-Ann, shares this simple-yet-grand quality with Johnny Cash, although Lomax’s voice has more of June Carter Cash’s bombast than Johnny’s. All This Timesomehow takes the simplicity of Cash’s sound with his classic band, the Tennessee Three, adds more traditional country touches, like fiddles, but then finishes things off by injecting the whole album with a rock and roll energy. The final product sounds so magically natural, you’re going to wonder why more artists aren’t doing this kind of music.  Of course, the answer to that question is Lomax. Her songwriting but also her larger-than-life voice, which often feels like it’s going to envelop you and take you away, a giant wave coming out of your headphones to grab you. However, she’s kept in check by a fantastic band that’s tapped into that old-school tightrope of making the featured artist sound as good as possible while also, but secondarily, showing off their own talents. Lomax’s band has the chops to walk this line, which is what makes the performances so memorable” - Steve Ovadia

Glide Magazine

"Heather Anne Lomax is a bold and daring voice in today’s Americana scene. She is creating music that brings the raw roots of country, blues, and gospel into a modern language that is firmly grounded in time-honored tradition. When listening to Heather’s songs, one seems to understand that her music is coming from a legitimate place of experience."- Guitar Girl Magazine

One of the most expressive vocalists around, she combines the sweet folky purity of Joan Baez with the rocking soul of Janis Joplin with hints of Patsy Cline and Linda Ronstadt. ” - Paul Zollo, American Songwriter

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" A sizzling sexy set that remembers where rock came from, utterly hot stuff throughout..."

-Midwest Record

...that is the road Lomax walks down the middle of. Her voice is full of sassy insinuation and not-so-subtle seductions, and never too far from the blues. Still, the real strength of Heather Anne Lomax is her ability to walk into the woods, looking for the mystery that fuels all great rock & roll, and bring it back alive... ”

Americana Highways